Rag Tag Scattered with the Wind

1 06 2011
The lovely Rag Taggers

The lovely Rag Taggers

Ah, hello there. To anyone who has checked in lately, or subscribes to this site or just happens to swing by… a little explanation for the lack of new content. As is ever the way with a wandering band of gypsy dancing girls, life takes us in all directions. Teaching/working at a yoga retreat, medical school, new jobs across the country, playing with fire dancers- the Rag Taggers are scattered to the wind. It was a lovely time together, and I’m sure our paths will cross again, but sadly our time performing together has ended.

I’m going to keep this site around, but the focus will probably end up more about the fire troupe I’m now a part of, and other miscellaneous dance things. (Still thinking about doing a costume tutorial if there’s any interest out there….) After all, most dancers I gravitate towards tend to be a raggle taggle tribe of sorts, so the name still holds.

Thanks for all the love and support given our way as Rag Tag Tribal, the wonderfully misfit group of girls from Philadelphia. Keep the shimmies going.



12 09 2010

Thanks to everyone who came to the show! It was a lot of fun, and great venue- I look forward to next year! Check out the Scorch site for more info about the group.¬† (Video is here if it doesn’t load below)

Come one, come all, to Scorch!

11 09 2010

I’m a bit late in posting this, as our first performance was last night (oops) but we have another one tonight, and its going to be great! If you’re in the Philadelphia area, come on down and support us! The show starts at 9 and runs about an hour and a half. There are some chairs, but bringing blankets or lawn chairs is a good idea, too.

Here’s the flier, and the write-up about the show from the lovely Scorch ladies. (New Scorch website here. There’s some video of the first show on there, too!)

“Our debut performance in Philadelphia as part of the Philly Fringe Festival will be premiered at the Piazza in Northern Liberties for TWO NIGHTS – September 10th and 11th starting at 9 pm!

The show is free but we will be collecting donations and selling merch and other goodies! Suggested donation is $10-15. (Most other Fringe shows are at least $10 to put it in perspective.) Please bring blankets/chairs and all your friends.

SCORCH is an exclusively feminine fire show presenting a series of vignettes set to a diverse selection of music. Each act showcases a unique story within carefully crafted choreography and creative movement and flow, fusing the art of fire performance with ballet, acrobatics, circus hooping, tribal bellydance and capoeira. Individual pieces are designed to flow together, circling around a tribal goddess theme and combining ideas of a darker, circus style gothic opera with a touch of classic burlesque. We feature world-renowned performers, artists, teachers, musicians, yogis and classically
trained dancers.

In addition to the upcoming Philly Fringe performances, the Scorch Fire Show debuted at the PEX Summer Festival in July 2010 and has performed at festivals and events across the East Coast this summer.
Promising to torch the world with elegance and grace, the lovely ladies of Scorch will illuminate the stage and fascinate any audience with a fierce yet delicate mastery of tools, an unrelenting command of fire, and a powerful interpretation of body, dance, and sultry seduction.”



16 08 2010

I’m an idiot, and totally missed the call-in date for this year’s spring caravan. In fact, I remembered to check on the call in date day of, so of course it was already past. BLAST! I guess Rag Tag won’t represent, but in other news- Scorch! If you’re in the Philly area, check out these lovely fire ladies. There’s a bellydance fire fusion talk in the works, too…. the potential for some pretty awesome stuff. Thats all in the future of course, but Scorch is burning now, so check them out! The spin jam to raise money for Fringe fest was postponed because of rain till August 22nd, so there is still time to be amazed by the firey goodness.


Dancy Dancy at Michelle’s 30th

2 08 2010

Jes and I performed with Michelle for her 30th birthday party this past weekend. I spotted a video camera, so hopefully someone grabbed the full performance, but if not, here’s a snippet of right before the song started… There are tons of photos floating around facebook, too.
It really was the most amazing party ever (hop over to my flickr to see some fire-breathing videos. I’m working on getting the longer videos posted, too)- great performances, fantastic people, tons of food…. definitely a party that will be tough to top!

Nicole and Shelly travel 20k beats under the sea

26 05 2010

Arrrggghhhh.... pirate dancers....

Tough to exactly explain, but lets just say it was a fun night, with some dancing planned, but nothing official, and lots of black-light. Oh, and pirates. There were lots of pirates.

By special request….

2 04 2010

This video is linked to on our performance page, but for ease-of access, here it is too….. Laura’s awesome solo!

Definitely¬†try to make it out to Spring Caravan this year, Laura is going to be representing Rag Tag (the rest of us didn’t get through on the call in… boooooooo) with her awesome dance. She performs Friday, April 30th at 9:40. Its a really great event, there are tons of dancers and great things to drool over. I usually get costume parts there, I love the mis-match bins of randomness!